I have made mention of Cultural Intelligence (CQ) a few times in my blog in recent weeks. It’s the core of my offer as a consultant and I am -currently – the only independently certified person in England offering  its assessment.

CQ is the key to being able to work effectively across different cultures.

Different cultures does not just mean different ethnic backgrounds or being from different countries; cultural differences exist across e.g. generations (65 year olds vs 15 year olds), personal preferences (Introverts vs Extrovert), organisations (Civil Service vs Google),  to name but a few.

So, essentially, Cultural Intelligence, is Diversity Intelligence. The useful thing about CQ is that it’s measurable and improvable.

You can take an assessment as an individual or in a 360, and get feedback as to your score in CQ Drive, CQ Knowledge, CQ Strategy and CQ Action. See the video for an explanation of each.

It is an academically robust measure, evidence of which comes from the fact it’s peer-reviewed. In excess of 83,000 surveys have been completed in 98 countries around the world.  The CQ approach has been reviewed in over 100 articles by scholars and research teams and a review of other similar tools reported that: …most of the tools lack validity and have unstable factor structures. However, the reviewers conclude there is “considerable evidence for the concurrent and predictive ecological validity” of CQ with samples from multiple cultures.

In other words, it is an extremely useful tool in helping people work cross-culturally.

The Cultural Intelligence Center is based in Michigan and is run by Dr David Livermore. See culturalq.com and follow @DavidLivermore

These people take it seriously…  https://culturalq.com/clients/ , perhaps you should also take a look.

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