Graphic Designer, Sam Mensah, created our logo. Here’s how and why:

It was a pleasure to work the identity for Unheard Voice. When Marsha approached me with the background and the brief, I knew it was something I would love to get involved in.

Diversity is something close to my heart so connecting with people who strive to change the narrative through a creative a polished lens is something that appealed instantly.

My approach was to make a simple, yet timeless logo that was layered with meaning. I saw it as an opportunity to communicate very serious messaging and allegories but in the simplest graphical ways.

The essence of the logo is in the UV monogram and the instant connection that’s made with the notion of being unheard. The idea of a voice being absent, unconsidered and essentially erased.

Communicating a very real message of lack of inclusion and diversity had to be done subtly and quite abstract to not be deemed too try hard. Simply removing the quotation mark outline from the U (for Unheard) and placing it next to the slash (that represents the V for voice) to complete the glyph and metaphorically give it that Voice it was missing.

I felt it was important to also select a colorway that represented diversity and inclusion whilst still being fresh and relevant. I believe we have achieved this all together as a refreshing and clean perspective of what companies such as this can look and feel like and hope it sets a standard. 

I very much look forward to seeing the success of the company in future

– Samuel Mensah

Sam can be contacted at

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