Last week, I posted the above picture and the following on Facebook:

This is my skin colour. And, despite a child coming up to me to see if it rubbed off 20 years ago, it remains. It will do, until I die.

Today, I had to face two racist incidents within two hours, whilst out and about doing my job. They were both people disgruntled with immigration and one referenced Brexit. 

If you are in any doubt that the political narrative around immigration and Brexit in this country is not causing a rise in racism, please remove that doubt.

This is real, today.

Then, co-incidentally, later that day I read these words of Tendayi Achiume, the UN Human Rights Council Special Rapporteur: “To be clear, Brexit has not newly introduced racism and xenophobia to the United Kingdom – both have a long legacy that extends as far back as the historical European projects of slavery and colonialism. That said, national debates and certain practices and policies before, during and after the Brexit referendum in 2016 have amplified racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance in the United Kingdom.”

If we are to address this as society, as a whole, we need to be Motivated, understand what we need to Know, Strategise putting that in place, and put it into Action. The foundational principles of Cultural Intelligence.

To read the original summary, the full report will be published on 8th July, please click here: UN expert condemns entrenched racial discrimination and inequality

The question is, how motivated are people to create change in this area? Without this fundamental principle being addressed, there will be no change.

Any person of colour, who regularly mixes outside their comfort bubble, will have faced low level racism around immigration for all their lives, but for it to be as in your face as it’s becoming, is worrying and frightening.

It beholden upon us all to make people aware, and to challenge it when we see or hear it.

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