Products & Services

Unheard Voice Consultancy can provide consultancy; training via workshops and group sessions; Cultural Values (CVA) and Cultural Intelligence (CQS) assessments, both self-assessment and 360 (multi-rater); and, keynote speaking on Diversity and Inclusion.

Workshops and team sessions are tailored to be specific to your organisation’s needs. These needs are ascertained after a discussion with you about where you think you are in your journey to be more inclusive and what you’d like the outcomes to be.

Becoming more inclusive cannot be achieved through one workshop. It is an ongoing process of individuals and organisations taking responsibility and embedding inclusive principles into every action and policy; it’s not a standalone approach.

An initial meeting or conversation with me is a free consultation, following which I usually produce a Brief Analysis of Needs with costed options for you. If in that initial conversation you tell me specifically what you feel your organisation needs at that point, I would confirm a cost for you in an email following that discussion.

I run half-day, full-day or two-day training workshops, alongside this I can provide hour-long team briefs for other staff to get an overview of what those in training are doing.

The two-day workshop involves taking the 360 CQS.

The cost of the CVA and CQS is a per-person additional cost to the workshop.

I also ask for travel expenses.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about pricing.