Many organisations have some understanding as to why doing something about Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) is important, and some have an idea as to what they want outcomes to look like, but very few know how to move from the why to the what.

UVC Ltd helps set the EDI strategy for senior leadership teams and Boards, and clearly articulates to staff why tackling EDI is important.

We help organisations reach what specific tangible outcomes are needed.

Marsha Ramroop is a global award-winning EDI strategist; the how. Formerly the Director of Inclusion at RIBA, and former BBC Journalist and Inclusion & Communities Editor, Marsha is a strategic thinker with clear understanding of bias and how it can be mitigated within organisations, as well as an excellent communicator. Marsha is qualified in delivering Cultural Intelligence (CQ) assessments and application, believing in an intersectional approach to inclusion, bringing ambition and boldness to decision-making.


  • Help you understand your current culture with an audit built on the principles of global best-practice around EDI.
  • Speak to your staff and help understand how a diversity of people feel in your organisation. We provide a narrative about why retention, progression and promotion of a diversity of staff might need to change.
  • Help identify the challenges you have.
  • Provide award-winning assessments, workshops and coaching to embed inclusive change.
  • Use a 330-point plan with a 170-point checklist to help organisations with their EDI strategy: attraction of talent, retention of talent, inclusive products & services, inclusive procurement, external stakeholder relationships, reaching out to the broadest range of users/ customers/ clients.
  • Work alongside you assisting with implementation.
  • Set you up to recruit a competent EDI Lead to help facilitate the work going forward in a permanent way, and ensure you’re able to support that person well.

We use CQ – Cultural Intelligence – which is the proven behavioural tool to create inclusivity for staff and ultimately the organisational culture.

EDI can be a minefield, and if you’re not careful where you are stepping, taking an approach that doesn’t use expertise can lead to bigger problems.

We are at the cutting-edge of EDI culture change, tackling all areas of underrepresentation and discrimination. We advocate leading with inclusion, to manage a diversity of lived experience, to achieve equitable outcomes.

Becoming more inclusive cannot be achieved through one workshop. It is an ongoing process of individuals and organisations taking responsibility and embedding inclusive principles into every action and policy; it’s not a standalone approach.

An initial meeting or conversation with me is a free consultation, following which I usually produce a Brief Analysis of Needs with costed options for you. If in that initial conversation you tell me specifically what you feel your organisation needs at that point, I would confirm a cost for you in an email following that discussion.


Please get in touch with any questions about pricing. Every organisation is different, so costs vary.

I can work to a budget you have for initial explorations, or create a bespoke approach which can take you on a year long journey, and set you up for beyond.