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Mark Davis, CQ Negotiator

From 18 to 26 November 2021, when I was Director of Inclusion at the RIBA, the annual Inclusion Festival took the form of a dedicated radio station, broadcast live from the bookshop at the RIBA’s HQ in London.

As a former BBC journalist I was able to use those skills too to host a lively mixture of music, live and pre-recorded interviews, discussions and debate – featuring more than 70 special guests from across the worlds of architecture, design, arts, culture, and sport, as well as key leaders from the worlds of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI).

RIBA Radio – podcasts

RIBA Radio – Videos

In this special CQ Center webinar I shared how I was building the EDI strategy from the ground up. This interactive webinar gave viewers an inside look at how RIBA was implementing CQ foundationally and practically with its more than 55,000 members around the world.

CQ is the Strategic link to EDI Webinar

To convince architects why EDI is important, to provide and overview of why bias needs to be mitgated and a high level introduction to CQ, this is the kind of talk I would deliver.

Nottingham & Derby Society of Architects presentation

The Human Agenda Podcast is run by Bureau 105. They describe themselves as “an interdisciplinary design studio working across brand, graphic, spatial, structural and architectural design. We work through comprehensive research and design action to build responses that deliver not just what clients want, but, fundamentally, what they need. We believe in design that champions sustainability, wellbeing and social impact. We look to work with people who also prioritise these values.”