“Working in organisations that have been relatively successful in championing diversity and inclusion, it’s possible to become complacent and maybe even think that that’s enough.

“It is, of course, not enough.

“Marsha’s training challenged us all, highlighting the multiple ways inclusion needs to be considered and addressed, and reaffirming that diversity and inclusion needs to be at the forefront of every decision. It brought home that there’s always so much more that could be done better. It has galvanised me to return to my organisation, and my life, to further explore how we can improve our diversity and inclusion practices and policies, to reflect our desire to be that much better at championing diversity and inclusion at every opportunity. And it highlighted how addressing diversity and inclusion need not be seen as a ‘challenge that should be overcome’ but an opportunity that should be embraced.”

– Michael Chandler, Acting CEO Cardboard Citizens, Clore Leadership Participant


“Marsha’s training was really enlightening. I learned the important difference between diversity and inclusion, and the definition of an inclusive leader.

“Understanding these definitions in itself is empowering. I’ve shared this learning with the directors and senior managers at work, inviting them to think about these concepts in a more meaningful way as we roll out the new business plan.

“Thanks for the training… it’s given me the tools to ask the right questions.”

– Zahida Din, Head of Marketing & Communication at Luton Culture, Clore Leadership Participant


“Marsha’s frank and open insights into the subject of inclusivity and diversity, gave me the confidence and courage to tackle a student head on about her stereotypical portrayal of both women and black men in her choreography.”

-Jo Meredith, Director & Choreographer, Clore Leadership Participant


“In participating in Marsha’s thoughtful and considered sessions on diversity and inclusion, I felt empowered to take personal responsibility for how I can make a change. As a result, I am now a mentor for a charity that supports women from BME backgrounds to gain confidence, skills and experiences needed to realise their passions and pursue their goals.”

-Leila Hasham, Associate Curator at Barbican Centre, Clore Leadership Participant


“Marsha’s contribution to our Clore Leadership course was invaluable. Our learning was enriched by her open and honest manner, her depth of experience in this area and the provocations she put to the group.

“Marsha gave us the confidence and impetus to have some of the most useful and productive discussions related to inclusion that I’ve ever been involved in professionally.”

-Daniel Williams, Programme Manager at National Foundation for Youth Music Clore Leadership Participant