I went to a cultural intelligence workshop lead by the wonderful Marsha Ramroop and I was blown away.

I don’t know if I was just lucky, but man, I had such a great group of people to learn from and to work alongside, people I have never met before but who made every inch of the session a great learning experience.

The course is specifically crafted for you to learn about who you are, which cultures you closely align with for particular values (especially work) and most importantly it gives you the tools so you can navigate yourself successfully in environments that are slightly less comfortable for you.

We all have situations like that, life is not always comfortable.

I count myself as quite lucky, I usually find my place or my tribe in most situations but the few times I have struggled or felt uncomfortable I genuinely have had very little idea of how to positively respond in these situations.

Cultural intelligence aka CQ is a real thing and if like me you are really serious about diversity, inclusion and equality you might find that you really need to do the self work before moving forward.

I wish I had done this course years ago.

-Selicia Richards-Turney, Vice Media, Inclusion Advocate


A great start to the CQ concept, was very interesting and can be something used to develop organisational practice. CQ opens your mind and eyes to making your organisation develop and progress.

– Kieron O’Reilly, ENEI


Marsha is an excellent facilitator and broke the information down well. Great understanding and awareness.

– Jag Poonia, Ethnic Dimension Ltd


Marsha is natural, engaging and trustworthy.

– Mark Davis, MD UK


One of the best workshops I’ve attended. Loved it. Marsha, you are amazing, insightful, warm & funny.

– Tanya Obeng, The Commuication Doctor